UX | UI | Visual Design: RentRave

RentRave is a platform that organizes rental listings and allows users to read and write reviews of rental listings. My client wanted to create a mobile app to encourage transparency between renters and landlords. Using UX methodologies, I designed a protoype for his idea while focusing on the user interface and visual design of the mobile app.

My Role

User Research, Market Research, Ideation, Sketching, Copywriting, User Interface Design, Visual Design


People who are looking to rent apartments don't have any way to learn about past experiences of those who have lived in a particular rental in the past. There needs to be more transparency to hold apartment complexes and landlords accountable.


I created a mobile app to provide users with a platform to read and write reviews regarding rental apartments in San Francisco. This community will enable rental home seekers to make more informed decisions on where to live and what to expect from various living situations.

Design Decisions

Due to time constraints and client emphasis on visual design, I only able to complete a limited amount of user research. However, through the user interviews I was able to conduct and my analysis of various real estate apps such as Airbnb and Zumper, I developed three key design decisions.

  1. Keep interface and flow simple

    Simplicity is key. In keeping the interface and flow simple, users would be able to browse the app more effortlessly and accomplish tasks that they want to achieve. A common theme within the user interviews I conducted was that most people are looking for an easy-to-use application that provides them with the necessary information about rental apartments.

  2. Lots of information

    By being transparent and providing as much information on a particular rental apartment, RentRave will be able to capture and retain users. People said things like, "I just want to know everything I can about an apartment before going to see it." Some things that people brought up included video tours, a quick way to contact the host, etc. The challenge here to balance between overloading the user with too much information and keeping the app as simple as possible.

  3. Clean visuals and imagery

    A clean design invites users to play around with the app and casts a wider net for users. Part of user experience is to create a positive experience for users, and visual design is a component of that, especially in a space with several competitors already (Craigslist, Zillow, etc.)


    After synthesizing the data I gathered and determining a balance between stakeholder and user goals, I developed a user flow to help guide my ideation and sketching process.


    After sketching out a few flows and screens, I started wireframing out the app so I could do some testing on it. See below for some of the first wireframes that came out of the sketching and ideation process.

    The Solution

      Private Client     Date: August 2015
      Software used: Photoshop, Invision, Sketch
      Service: User Experience, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Visual Design