UX & Visual Design: shpicks

shpicks was a Google Doc/Excel Spreadsheet of restaurant mini reviews and tips compiled and written by yours truly. The spreadsheet consisted of a multitude of major US and European cities, with hundreds of restaurants; each city was sortable by name, location, price range, and type of food. As this spreadsheet was popular amongst my friends, I decided to convert the spreadsheet into a website for a better user experience and to showcase my mobile photography.

Design Process

First steps were wireframes in Sketch before using Photoshop to create the visual design layer. I'm currently working on the code (HTML, CSS, Jquery, Firebase) for the website with the help from a talented developer friend.

The primary goal of the landing page is to guide the user to the city that they are looking for restaurant recommendations in. Once they're on the city they've selected, the goal is to help them find the information they are looking for.

  • The landing page was purposefully kept simple: a search bar for cities is the first thing the user sees, and if they scroll down the page, they can choose a city to explore.
  • I included a filter search bar to help users quickly and efficiently find the information they need. For example, if the user was only looking for ice cream specifically, typing the search term in the filter search would narrow down the number of restaurants shown on the page.


    Date: May 2016
    Software used: Photoshop, Sketch
    Services: User Interface Design, Visual Design